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Redbrooke Ren SD-1

DOB: 1/27/2023

Bob Allen's Joey x Jolene

Black tri border collie

NASDA Shed Dog Level 1

Redbrooke Ren is welcomed back to the farm, and has already shown a willingness to work. She has a lot of growing to do, and in the meantime will start training the foundations for disc and scent work.


Genetic - Health and Traits

Optimal Selection Panel - CEA and EOD carrier

(Included tests: MDR1, IGS, TNS, NCL, SN, DH, PRA +)

Traits: Carries red and rough coat

Weight: TBD

Titles and Achievements

NASDA - SD-1 - Shed Dog Level 1


OFA: Hips - Prelim - Good
OFA: Elbows - Prelim - Normal

OFA: Shoulders - Normal



Ren - 7 months old, ~5th time on sheep

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