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Redbrooke Chev SD-2 TB-1 TL-1 UL-1 VL-B

DOB: 3/18/2022

Moel Sweep x Juneau

Black tri border collie

Qualified for the 2024 USBCHA Nursery National Finals

2024 NASDA Regional Invite - 3rd ranked border collie and 26th overalin the country - Shed Level 2

20th at the 2023 USBCHA Nursery National Finals

NASDA Shed Dog Level 2

NASDA Trailing and Locating Level 1

NASDA Urban Locating Level 1

NASDA Trailing Brace Level 1

NASDA Versatile Locating Bronze Champion

Redbrooke Chev is the man of the farm, and we couldn't be happier to have him. Chev has loads of natural talent on sheep, and we were thrilled with the start of his trial career in 2023. Chev is a good spotter of sheep, has scope on his outruns, and is has the power to work ewes and lambs as well as handle tricky range ewes. He successfully debuted in USBCHA Open before turning 2 in February 2024.

Chev started his shed hunting career in September 2023 with NASDA, and quickly added rat hunting games. He's a thorough searcher and loves the scent games, and we look forward to adding more in the future!


Genetic - Health and Traits

Optimal Selection Panel - CEA carrier

(Included tests: EOD, MDR1, IGS, TNS, NCL, SN, DH, PRA +)

Traits: Carries red

Weight: 41lbs

Titles and Achievements

Tabletop SDT 2024 Nursery - 1st, 3rd, and 5th

Bluegrass Classic 2024 Nursery 1 - 6th out of 50

Way to Me Farm SDT 2024 Nursery - 2nd and 2nd out of 18

Howerton Oaks Sheepdog Classic  2024 - awarded Most Promising Young Dog

Howerton Oaks February 2024 Nursery - 5th and 1st 

Rural Hill November 2023 Nursery - 3rd and 1st

USBCHA National Nursery Finals - 20th overall

Way to Me 2023 Nursery - 3rd and 1st

Bluegrass Classic May 2023 ProNovice - 6th out of ~59

SD-1 - Shed Dog Level 1 - NASDA

2 Best of Breed

1 High in trial

SD-2 - Shed Dog Level 2 - NASDA

3 Best of Breed

5 High in Trial

1 Reserve HIT

TL-1 - Trailing and Locating Level 1 - NASDA

1 Best of Breed

UL-1 - Urban Locating Level 1 - NASDA

1 Best of Breed

TB-1 - Trailing Brace Level 1 - NASDA

2 Overall Combined awards

VL-B- Versatile Locating Bronze Champion - NASDA

Level 1 titles in Urban locating, Trailing and Locating, and Trailing Brace


OFA: Hips - Good
OFA: Elbows - Normal

OFA: Shoulders - Normal

OFA: Spine - Normal


BAER Testing - 2023 - normal/normal



Chev - 14mo - Second USBCHA trial
2023 Bluegrass - Pro Novice
- 1st run - 6th out of 59
- 2nd run - DQ (grip at the pen)


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