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Family-owned, ethically raised

Redbrooke Ranch began with a dream, and continued with a lot of hard work. Like many people, we wanted to know where our food was coming from, and the only way to know for sure was to grow it ourselves!

We raise our animals with respect, and we work in harmony with the ecosystem around us. When you buy from RBR, you can always be assured--no pesticides, no hormones, no fertilizers were ever used around our animals.



All factory farms center around a common goal: maximizing profits, often at the expense of the animal. Here at Redbrooke Ranch, we were founded by a veterinarian, and we are beholden to the welfare of our livestock.

We have always believed in sustainability and the ethical rights to raising our animals. Our sheep are raised in a way that allows us to think for the future--we select for size, parasite resistance, east of lambing and ability to twin, and hardiness. Our border collies are part of the family, and are raised in the home and compete in many sport venues as well as herding trials. If and when we breed, the pups are raised with ENS, ESI, and modified puppy culture protocols and are well socialized and started on crate training before they go to their new home.

While RBR is a business, if expenses need to be made, it is often out of our own pocket. Our animals are raised with respect, on large pastures, and are never crammed into small barns or feedlots. We believe animals should always be allowed to do as nature intended, so our sheep graze and our poultry free range the farm as part of our bug control, allowing us to not need pesticides.



Juan Serrano

Sheep farmer, dog wrangler, grass cultivator, chicken tender--Juan wears many hats here at RBR! Juan is also the carpenter behind RBR's custom woodwork.


Kelly Serrano, DVM

A lover of animals and photography both, Kelly operates most of the desk-work required by a working farm. She's also RBR's resident veterinarian!


The Border Collies

The workhorses of RBR. Whether they're out in the field bringing the sheep up for the evening, or asleep on the couch, our crew is paramount to our day-to-day lives.


The Gampr Dogs

The original livestock guardian dog--our gamprs keep our sheep, chickens, and us safe. Thoughtful, intelligent, and brave, we couldn't do it without them!

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