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Jaida SD-1

DOB: 6/2/2013

Red tri border collie

NASDA Shed Dog Level 1

Retired from breeding

Jaida is the foundational dog that started it all. We brought Jaida into our family as an 8 week old pup, and could have never predicted how she would have changed our lives. She's an incredible dog who doesn't understand the word "quit." She's the dog that swims through a lake to bring home the ducks; the dog who finds the trail when we're lost in the mountains; and the dog who finds errant sheep who escaped a half a mile from home without ever being taught. Nothing at RBR would be possible without the biggest heart of our little red dog.


The Tree Litter - Imp Coal x Jaida - July 2021


Genetic - Health and Traits

Optimal Selection Panel - EOD carrier

(Included tests: MDR1, CEAR, IGS, TNS, NCL, SN, DH, PRA +)

Traits: red tri color

Weight: ~27lbs

Titles and Achievements

SD-1 - Shed Dog Level 1 - NASDA


OFA: Hips - Fair
OFA: Elbows - Normal

OFA: Shoulders - Normal



Jaida - Outrun, lift, fetch

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Imp Coal x Jaida - July 2021

Redbrooke Teak- Owned by Tiffany in Georgia
Redbrooke Miso - Owned by Hunter V. in Colorado

OFA Prelim Hips good

OFA Prelim Elbows normal

OFA Shoulders normal

Redbrooke Chispa BCAT DM SD-2 - Owned by Allison Aguado in Tennessee

OFA Hips good

OFA Elbows normal

OFA Shoulders normal

Redbrooke SNP - Owned by Ashley P. in Minnesota

Imp Col x Jaida 2021
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