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Pasture-raised, heritage breed turkey. Taste the difference of a turkey allowed to forage on grasses, seeds, and insects. Bourbon Red turkeys have won blind taste testing contests over that of both other heritage breeds, and the common "butterball" variety you can buy at the store. While these birds often have more flavor and are more natural then the hybrid butterballs, they take longer to grow and do not get quite as big as the store-bought varieties. This results in a more tender, flavorful bird, and it makes all the difference!


Our birds are raised out in the pasture along side our sheep, entirely free range and no boxes crammed full of 70 or more birds! We believe that our animals should have the right to live the way nature intended, and for turkeys that includes foraging through the fields and woods. Since our birds have enough space to distance themselves, we don't have to resort to inhumane practices to prevent them from injuring one another.


The birds are processed here at home, and never have to experience a shocking truck ride to a processing plant. The act itself is quiet, humane, and instant, as we care about the end of our turkey's lives as much as we do the rest of it.


Birds will weigh 10-25lbs.


Heritage turkeys go fast, so reserve your bird ASAP to ensure we will have one for you come November!


This listing is a deposit of $25.00 dollars to reserve your bird, which will be deducted from the final price when you pick up your turkey the week of Thanksgiving.

Heritage Holiday Turkey -Bourbon Red

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